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Antique English Cabinet
Dec 5, 2017
Beautiful antique English cabinet Delete my post Date: 2017-12-05 by BARNEY LOUCKS Moved to Shelter Bay, and one of my favorite pieces has to go due to lack of space. Measures 42-1/2" h (plus additional 2-1/2" backsplash) x 32-1/2" w x 18" d. Features two drawers and one large cabinet storage area with doors. Asking $400 - paid $650. Price: 400 Phone: (253) 961-6837 Email: ($400.00)
Contact: BARNEY at or (253) 961-6837
Beautiful Art for Sale
Dec 5, 2017
Unfortunately, the art from our old home doesn't not work in our new home in Shelter Bay, so it has to go. Dimensions approx 37-1/4" x 27-1/4" Great deal at $50 to find a new home. ($50.00)
Contact: BARNEY at or (253) 961-6837
Beautiful Art for Sale
Dec 5, 2017
Unfortunately, the art I love doesn't work in the house we moved into in Shelter Bay, so it's now looking for a new home. Dimensions approx 41-1/4" w x 29-1/4" w $50 ea - great deal on beautiful art! ($50)
Contact: BARNEY at loucksmarketing@wavecablecom or (253) 961-6837
SAMPLE Classified Ad
Oct 4, 2017
Title your ad FOR SALE, FOR RENT, FOR LOAN, WANTED, LOST, FOUND... General Guidelines: You can list personal items such as cars, boats, furniture, etc. You can also list your home if it is For Sale or Rent By Owner. (Note: Homes in Shelter Bay cannot be rented for less than a 30- day period.) If you're in need of a service (lawn care, home care, etc.) list it here. You can even list a lost/found pet or items that you're willing to loan! Take advantage of this new community marketplace! ($0.00)
Contact: Janelle at or (360) 319-9633
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