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Shelter Bay Communiversity provides life-long learning opportunities for residents of the Shelter Bay Community.

Communiversity is a volunteer-managed program for the enjoyment of all Shelter Bay residents. It provides a broadly-based curriculum of subjects presented in a fun and no-stress environment.

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Food For Thought: Nutrition, Exercise and Lifestyle Interventions for a Healthy Brain

Tues., November 12, 2019       6:30-8:30pm

Most of us would agree we could use a sharper brain. This course will teach you exactly how to do that. With the surprising and disturbing rise in Alzheimer's Disease, and many having family members affected by it, there is no time like the present to become active in brain preservation. And for those already on the downward slope, or with a diagnosis - there is hope! Sign up for this course and learn the multifaceted ways you can love on your brain, or help the brain and memory of a loved one. This is a MUST course to attend.

Instructor: Christine Wokowsky
Christine is a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist and a Certified Gluten Practitioner. She has specialized recently in Memory Care and working with people to prevent Alzheimer's as well as potentially reverse it. She is a member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals, and associated with the Institute of Functional Medicine. Christine has beautifully woven together her background as a chef, together with her knowledge of nutrition to create individualized health plans for her clients. Christine is the author of a book, Radiant Detox: Your 21 Day Gateway to Vitality, and runs twice a year a 21-day reboot program. She has also co-authored the book Our Journey With Food Cookery Book. It contains over 100 citations spanning science and history, over 200 recipes, and over 90 references, validating our belief that we do best when we eat according to our ancestral roots.

Registration closes Nov. 7, 2019
Class is FREE. Registration is REQUIRED.


Global Warming – Facts, Human Contribution, Consequences

Wednesday, December 4th 6:30pm (repeated on)

Sunday, January 5th. 3:00pm (register for one below)

Presentation on Global Warming - What causes temperature on Earth? What has been the climate history on Earth? What has caused the recent climate change (evidence)? What will be the local/global consequences and how urgent is the problem? What can we do?

Instructor: Dale Oldis
Dale has been a High School Science Teacher for 32 years (taught mainly biology and chemistry) Master Degree in education biology- U of Illinois, BA - DePauw U. Majors Zoology-Psychology

Registration closes for the first class on December 1st.

Registration for the second class on January 1st.
Sign up for ONE class.

              Register                   Register
      Dec. 4th 6:30pm     OR    Jan. 5th 3:00pm


Winter Birds of the Salish Sea

Tuesday, January 21 6:30pm

Winter Birds of the Salish Sea’ is a presentation by members of the Skagit Audubon Society. This one and a half hour presentation details the history of the sea. It examines the geology and biodiversity of the sea shared by British Columbia and Washington . The Salish Sea is designated as a Global Important Bird Area (IBA) by the BirdLife International. Many birds depend on the estuary systems in the sea for their survival; the presentation goes into the importance of these systems to both residential and migratory birds.

Migration, regular seasonal journeys taken by over 3000 species of birds, has always been a mystery to many people. The second portion of this presentation will explain how’s and whys of these journeys and reason migratory birds use the specific migration flyways as they move from summer to winter territories. Finally the presentation will take a look at the common birds of the sea and identify unique features of these birds.

Instructor: Sheila Pera
Skagit Audubon Society has been serving Skagit County region since 1982. It is our mission to conserve and restore natural ecosystems, focusing on birds, other wildlife and their habitats for the benefit of humanity and the earth’s biological diversity. We invite everyone to join us. Our website details our many activities. Thanks to The Skagit Community Foundation for providing Skagit Audubon with grants in support of our education activities.

Registration closes on January 18.


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Your Heading Here

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