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Shelter Bay Communiversity provides life-long learning opportunities for residents of the Shelter Bay Community.

is a volunteer-managed program for the enjoyment of all Shelter Bay residents. It provides a broadly-based curriculum of subjects presented in a fun and no-stress environment.

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Understanding Race Discrimination
Wednesday, July 8 - 4:00-5:30pm

NOTE: this class will be held online. Registrants will be sent the link to attend the class via email.

What is race? Where does it come from? Why is race discrimination such a problem in our country? What is our part of the problem? What can be done to make every one have a real and equal chance for the "American Dream"? This class will have some researched answers to these questions and take time to ask you for your thoughts on this timely discussion.
Class is FREE. Registration REQUIRED.
Registration close date: July 5, 2020

Instructor: Jim Barrett, Ed.D.

Jim received his BA from Western Washington Univ. and his masters and doctorate from the Univ. of Washington in Higher Education. He was employed by the UW for 32 years in several Health Science positions and retired as Director of the Dept. of Health Sciences Center for Educational Resources and as an affiliate professor in the Dept. of Medical Education.



Nutritional Supplements: What You Need to Know

Nutrient deficiency is widespread in the American population, especially in the 60+ population. Most people do not consume an optimal amount of vitamins by diet alone. Pending strong evidence of effectiveness from randomized trials, it appears prudent for all adults to take vitamin supplements. In this course we will cover how supplements are made, what you want to see in a supplement by way of therapeutic ranges and ingredients, what you DON'T want to see in a supplement such as add fillers and questionable ingredients. Based on the Healthy Eating Index (HEI), a report card from the USDA on the American people, we will learn what are the most critical nutrients you most likely are deficient in, when is the best time to take them, which supplements could be contraindicated which pharmaceuticals, and dosage adjustments for specific populations (pregnant, children, elderly, etc). This is purely educational and not meant to be diagnostic.

Instructor: Christine Wokowsky

Christine is a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist and a Certified Gluten Practitioner. She has specialized recently in Memory Care and working with people to prevent Alzheimer's as well as potentially reverse it. She is a member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals, and associated with the Institute of Functional Medicine. Christine is available to work with people one on one helping them make lifestyle changes to better their health.

Class is FREE. Registration is REQUIRED
Registration close date TBD

Backyard Insects: the Good, the Bad and the Bugly

Bring your kids or grandchildren! Designed with families in mind, this class is entertaining enough for most children (recommended age 7+), yet informative enough that most adults will learn a thing or two. It includes: observing live and/or preserved insects, a PowerPoint presentation and the “Is it an Insect?” Game, transforming an audience member into an insect.

Instructor: Holli Watne

Holli has a B.S. in Biology with an emphasis in Ecology and Entomology and a M.Ed in Environmental Education. As a hobbyist entomologist, she has been teaching about insects in this area for nearly a decade.

Class is FREE. Registration is REQUIRED.
Registration close date TBD


Stop the Bleed Monday

What would you do in a mass shooting event or if you came upon a car accident? In large tragic events, many victims will die from uncontrolled bleeding. The Stop the Bleed program teaches bystanders how to stop bleeding until first responders arrive. This course will teach the correct techniques for applying a tourniquet, packing a wound and how to properly apply pressure dressings. Participants will also learn how to identify certain wounds and the special care those wounds require. A certificate of completion will be provided at the end of the training to participants that are able to successfully demonstrate their ability to Stop the Bleed.

Instructor: Lisa Edwards, RN

Lisa is a Registered Nurse and the TCRN Clinical Programs Coordinator for Island
Hospital in Anacortes.


Class is FREE. Registration is required.
Registration close date TBD