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Never stop learning…
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Shelter Bay Communiversity provides life-long learning opportunities available to residents of the Shelter Bay and Swinomish Tribal Communities.

Communiversity is a volunteer-managed program for the enjoyment of all Shelter Bay residents and Swinomish Tribal members. It provides a broadly-based curriculum of subjects presented in a fun and no-stress environment. Offerings are currently being made over Zoom until we can return to the Clubhouse.

Contact person if you have questions:
Jim Barrett 206-930-3607

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Orcas of the Salish Sea

Wednesday, February 8, 2023 – 6:30-8:30 p.m. to be held in the Clubhouse and on Zoom

This course will introduce you to the two different orca communities that use the Salish Sea for foraging opportunities.

Instructor:  Amanda Colbert                 

Amanda is the Education & Outreach Coordinator for the Salish Sea School and brings a diverse background of knowledge in the arts, 6+ years of youth education and mentorship, and strives to educate people of all ages about the diverse marine wildlife of the Salish Sea. Amanda is especially passionate about the endangered Southern Resident orcas, birds, and the importance of human’s interconnectedness with wild places and wildlife. Striving to instill mindfulness of the wildlife in her students. Amanda is also passionate about preserving the natural resources that this unique bioregion provides.


Registration closes Tuesday, February 7, 2023 at noon.

*All classes are free and available to Shelter Bay residents and Swinomish Indian Tribal Community members.*

Basic First Aid/AED/CPR course offered by Fire District 13

Saturday, February 25, 2023 from 9 a.m.- 1 p.m. class

limit of 20.  Fee $25/person  You will receive a Certification Card

 in the mail good for 2 years upon successful completion of course.


Questions/Register at

Fee is due prior to class meeting.


Shelter Bay Community is complicated and unique in many ways.

The Know Your Community program is being offered to all residents by experts from within our community.

The overall program planned as a weekly offerings covering each segment of our Community with an opportunity for participants to ask questions and get answers immediately from those presenting and other in attendance.  The first session will cover the history of Shelter Bay, bringing everyone up to date on how we got to where we are today and cover how our Home Owners Association (HOA) is structured and functions compared to other HOA communities.  Later classes will deal with our Tribal Leases, Tribal regulations, taxes, authority and much more.  Other classes will cover our Committee structure with presentation by each committee chair or representative about their purpose, their guidelines and how to get involved in participating in the committee process.  Other sessions will allow you to meet the management employees, learn what they do and why your favorite project is more complicated than what you might think.  Lastly, the Marina and other amenities will be explained.  

The program will be Zoom hybrid structure with both in person classes in the Clubhouse and on Zoom.  After registering you will receive an invitation link which will work for all classes.  Each class will be recorded.  You only need to register once and after registering the Zoom link will be sent to you which will be good for all the classes.

Please Register by clicking on this link:


The first class covered Shelter Bay's History, and our HOA structure presented by Don Newby  The Recording is available at:
Passcode: **.Mnsn5


The second class of December 12,   The explained our Marina, its history, business plan, operations, and benefits to residents of Shelter Bay, presented by Pat McGarry and Vanessa Finch.

The 2nd Class recording is now available  click below:
Passcode: 8qpDqV#W


The 3rd class on January 10th Lets Talk about Leases and Taxes, presented by Rod Proctor. 

The 3rd class recording is now available - click below:
Passcode: J^niJ5B1


The 4th and NEXT class - January 31, 6:30pm Management: Who's in Charge

Presented by: Wendy Poulton, Don Moore, and Pat McGarry

The 4th class recording is now available - click below:
Passcode: &H*Y5wUV


The fifth class will be offered Tuesday, February 21, 2023 at 6:30 p.m. 

Let’s Talk About Safety & Security

The Swinomish Police Department, Fire District 13, Shelter Bay Safety, and  our Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Advisory Committees will give you their Mission Statements, operating guidelines, what services they provide, and how residents can help them. The Shelter Bay Safety and CERT Committees will tell you who is on their respective committees, how to contact the committees, and how to get involved or join the Committees.

If you have not registered for the course series register with the above link.

Hurray! The Shelter Bay Clubhouse is open

Watch the electronic sign board at the front gate. Check the Communiversity Web Site for specifics on future classes each month.

Please reach out to Carolyn Caporgno at if you have a class idea or if you can share a skill you have with us.